Beach camping at Double island and surfing


double island point

What you'll need

4 wheel drive vehicles, camping equipment, esky.
also available: surf boards, stand up paddle boards, jumbo beach umbrellas, snorkelling gear, beach rug, fishing rods and tackle, portable stereo, sleeping bags, marque, camp chairs and tables, esky and non perishables.

Grab your housemates, book all the gear you need from our free equipment hire and head off on this sweet trip.

If you want some more crew or to invite someone from another one of our konnekted homes create event and start adding from our facebook group.

Often the camp grounds are to far to get to on a friday after work but why not book a hostel or on the cheap the scout camp in noosa for the friday night and make a full weekend of it. Alternatively you could just head off bright and early saturday morning.

Located on the secluded Noosa North Shore and only accessible by 4wd along the beach is double island point/Cooloolah national park. Pick out a secluded spot along the dunes to set up camp with all the necessities and a few more.

Checking out this part of the world with a sweet crew is an amazing way to spend the weekend. Here’s some of  what can be expected on one of these trips….chilled beach vibes, camp fires and drinking games on the beach, learning to surf on what can be Australia’s longest beginner wave, double island lighthouse walk, saltwater lagoons, the dramatic Red Canyon and Coloured Sands, its common to see pods of dolphins, turtles, sharks, manta rays and Humpback Whales along the way.

Konnected has you covered with these essentials: 4wd vehicles, tents and camping gear. Other things we can provide for this trip: surf boards, stand up paddle boards, jumbo beach umbrellas, snorkelling gear, beach rug, fishing rods and tackle, portable stereo, sleeping bags, marque, camp chairs and tables, esky and non perishables.

Although you may think advantages to bring everything we recommend just to bring the basics for a 1 night trip: tents, sleeping bags, plates and a fork for each person, one stove. Enough food for two days (think fruit, muesli bars and food that does not need prep) keeping it cheap and simple we would recommend making a big batch of pasta with sauce the night before leaving it in a pot and just putting in esky the next morning. This will make for a slightly rougher experience over all but far more fun than setting up a huge camp and taking it down again for one night.

The pass from Noosa north shore to double island is accessible from two directions, one is through the freshwater track just before you reach rainbow beach about 3 hrs north of brisbane. The other is via a small ferry across the Noosa river (2 hrs from brisbane and 50min more along the beach) leaving from the end of moorindal street tewantin and is open 5:30am – 10:20pm Sunday – Thursday, and 5:30am – 12:20am Friday & Saturday. the ferry goes every 10 minutes or so. You don’t need to book this just turn up.

You must time this correctly as driving on the beach is usually only recommended 1 hour either side of the tide. other wise goodbye vehicle …….

Permits you will need to obtain before leaving are 1 access per vehicle per day $12.95 and 1 camping fee per person per night $6.50, if you don’t get these you can easily get a fine from the ranger. you should print these out but a screen shot or photo on your phone is usually ok 🙂 You can choose to camp at freshwater with full amenities like showers and toilettes but you will be in close proximity to other campers with families therefore its expected you are quite at a decent hour. Alternatively you can camp on Teewah beach this lets you cam right on the dunes and your more likely to be able to find a spot secluded where you can drink and laugh until you pass out without bothering any other campers, the down side is zero amenities but hey your camping right!

there is plenty more info you may need and a few risk we need to discuss but we can go through all that with you when you pick up your vehicles and gear from Konnekted.

if your heading up for the surf do your research as its very inconsistent at double island point best swells are coming from easterly to northerly.

here are some relevant links:

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Map of Cooloolah national park, (print this out as no reception in park)