Fingal day trip


Fingal Head

What you'll need

surfboards, snorkelling gear, beach umbrellas, stand up paddle boards, kayaks

Just south of the gold coast is Fingal, this place is chill af. Its a great spot to relax for a day or an afternoon.

Go for the short walk up around the lighthouse where you will see the random rock forms and often spot turtles and dolphins. On the other side is dreamtime beach with even less people than fingal.

Got a bit of spare time go check out this guys shop about 5 min drive from Fingal called ”museum of the sea”. Its not really a museum but more like Aladdin’s cave of random stuff collected by the owner. The owner is super friendly and happy to tell you about anything in the collection, ┬áits actually a bit mind boggling and weird all the stuff he has…..

Cook Island is a short 800m paddle on kayaks off the coast but its cool to go and hang out on your own island for a bit, the main attraction here is the turtles and nemo. See Konnekteds cook island day trip for more info.

Theres a nice little cafe for food you will pass as you drive into town.

Head home feeling like you have actually gotten out of the city for a day.