Jet Ski and Snorkel Talgalooma ship wrecks



What you'll need

Jet skis, snorkelling gear.

Head out for a day with some of the Konnekted crew using our free jet skis.

If you don’t have a jet ski licence this trip can still be done with a day tour booked through a number of tour groups.

Tangalooma is one of Australia’s best snorkelling locations set amongst dramatic ship wrecks. To get there just pick a ski from either our Gold Coast or Brisbane Konnekted and drive to Scarborough boat ramp. From the boat ramp it should take 40-60min if the weather conditions are good (always check first). If you arrive early enough there is plenty of places to tie the ski up or alternatively just park it on the beach and swim the short distance to the wrecks. Apart from snorkelling these cool shipwrecks your bound to see plenty of sea life, dolphins, turtles and coral reef.

Don’t forget to have enough fuel for the return journey(full tank will be fine), food and water.

There is also a bunch of things you can do through the resort like tobogganing sand dunes and quad bike tours but you will need to get in touch with hem before leaving.