Spring brook national park


springbrook national park

What you'll need

Springbrook is big and theres a bunch to do here so we recomend doing a bit of research before you go and just pick a couple of things at a time.

Theres a tone of hikes and waterfalls including the natural bridge, theres a lake full of dead trees still standing thats cool to kayak/paddle board in. You can go check out miniature horses and cows for something random.

Plenty of town ships and cafes around to grab a bight to eat. Alternatively byo food for a chill on the grass looking out at one of the awesome views.


Here are the top pics from us but you can do your own research

Natural Bridge, short walk about 1km round trip takes you under a rock formed like the title.

Best of all lookout, Again its in the title. Short round trip about 30min from the car park get you sweet views.

Purling Brook Falls, You can see the falls from the top with a 20 min walk from the car park. It’s better to take the 2 hour round trip through the rainforest and see everything from the lagoon below.

Goomoolahra Falls, This is really a stroll rather than a walk. At the end of Springbrook Rd is Goomoolahra Falls. It is just 100m (on asphalt) to see the falls and a magnificent lookout across the canyon to the buildings of Surfers Paradise and beyond to the sparkling blue sea.

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