Sunshine Coast north, day trip, Zoo, Go Karts, Aquarium


Moololabah, Point Cartwright, Maroochydore, Landsborough.

What you'll need

snorkelling gear, surfboards, stand up paddle boards, jumbo beach umbrellas, portable tunes.

The northern end of the Sunshine Coast offers a lot of things to do and plenty of hidden gems… grab your Konnekted crew and check out these spots.

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So there is the obvious beech activities available at Mooloolabah and a few different places to launch paddle board and kayaks to check out the surrounding waterways. When all that laying on the beach works up an appetite head to any of the local restaurants for i bight to eat

looking for a wave head a couple minutes south to Alexander Headland or around to Point Cartwright.

For a more chilled alternative to Mooloolabah head to Point Cartwright where its easy to find a good spot for a bbq on the beach under the trees for a lazy sunny afternoon.

Don’t want to spend another day lazing in the sun or hitting the water, check out these surrounding activities with the crew.

Australia zoo: Ok sounds a bit lame but once your inside it has some cool stuff to check the shows are ok and kinda funny sometimes cringey but who doesn’t love walking around looking at all the weird animals birds and reptiles, not one of those zoos where you feel bad for its animals as they seem to have more space to roam than most. here what to expect: Giraffes, Cheetahs, Dingos, Echidnas, Elephants , Binturongs, kangaroos, wallabies, Lemurs,Asian small-clawed Otters,Ponys,Red pandas,Southern white rhinoceros,Cottontop tamarin,Tasmanian devils, Sumatran tigers, zebras, wombats,Koalas, Cassowaries, Emu’s, loads of crocodiles, snakes and lizards, some cool birds of prey shows and a bunch more…..

Feeling like a bit more of David Attenborough the aquarium at Sea Life Mooloolabah has it! This is a massive walk through tunnel that gives you real look at how things are along a reef. The usual suspect like sharks, seals and rays all the way down to the odd creatures that live in the dark depth of the ocean, its all here. Its worth hanging here a few hours and if your really keen you can pay more to get some cheesy pics with seals etc…. purchase tickets online for easier entry and discount.

Want a bit more adrenaline in your day? Big Kart Track has a cool outdoor set up that can sometimes feel a bid sketchy and bumpy but that adds to the fun. Don’t let a bit of wet weather put you off this one as can be a far more challenging race in the rain. Not the most up to date track as far as technology goes but still heaps of fun and safe.

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Australia Zoo

Sea Life Mooloolabah

Big Kart Track