Everglades kayaking and Camping adventure


Great sandy national park

What you'll need

kayaks, Konnekted vehicle if needed, tents, esky.

Explore the Noosa Everglades and Lake Cootharaba by kayak and camp within the Great Sandy National Park. Immerse yourself in the wilderness of the Noosa Everglades.

Well thats how a tour company would describe it…… But seriously, this a cool part of the world to check out and who better to do it with than the Konnected members.

Although possible to go out for a day trip here we think its a far better escape to spend the night in the national park and two days checking out the surrounding areas.

The kayak launching spots are about 2 hrs north of Brisbane and you can taylor this trip to be as much or as little kayaking as you like, have a look at the map in link attached.

Kayaking from Elanda point to the top of the everglades (campsite 15) is a tough 6hrs each way (4 if your really fit). If you launch at harry’s hut you can take 1.5hrs off this time. Don’t worry if this sounds like to much work for you. Many people launch at harry’s hut and simply stop at what ever campsite once tired of paddling. The first site is about 30 min away from harry’s hut and every 15 or so from then. please see map in link.

This getaway is chilled and cruisey (no parties here) but really worth the visit. The water is pristine, calm and gets a black die from the trees up stream giving it a reflective appearance and worth doing for the gram!

You will need to book permits before you go but the cost is minimal see link below.

If you want to grab some more crew just add from our members group on facebook or post event on wall.

link to great sandy national park map

Book permits here, not the best site but once you login choose upper noosa river from drop down menu.