Yamba Weekend!



What you'll need

Konnekted Bus, camping gear (or stay at hostel), surfboards, beach umbrellas, stand up paddle boards, snorkelling gear, fishing rods,

Yamba! Amazing surfing, cool hikes, beautiful beaches, natural pools and a quirky night out.

All this in a sleepy little town 2.5 hours south of gold coast.

Ok so surfing and beaches are the main attractions to Yamba but we also highly recommend doing the Angourie walking trail 10km return or 2-3 hours. https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/things-to-do/walking-tracks/angourie-walking-track/map

There are also two cool lagoons worth checking out. At times they can be closed due to algae blooms but if open they can be good for a bit of cliff diving and a swim.

A night out in Yamba can be a bit like stepping back in time. Like always just bring a good positive vibe and get ready for some interesting chats at the pub with the locals 🙂  Don’t be expecting your tinder to go off tho. lol

Check out the Pacific hotel for sunset drinks with amazing views. Most weekends there is live music, ask the locals about where to go next but we’re guessing you will be staying here for the night……

Whats on at the hotel http://www.pacifichotelyamba.com.au/entertainment/

Throwing in a bit of a curveball the Yamba museum may be worth a look 2pm-4:30pm sat and sun.

There are 11 beaches to choose from in the area, and all have their own unique qualities. While some people love sunning on the sand, others want to get out there and experience the waves. Check the list of beaches below to get a better idea where to surf or soak up the sun.

Turners Beach for Beginners: The swells at Turners Beach are gentle, making it a great place for those learning to surf. Situated north of the Yamba lighthouse, The best surfing on Turners Beach can be found along the southern and northern ends of the beach.

Main Beach for Safer Surfing: Novices have more than one option when they start surfing in Yamba. The town’s main beach also offers gentle surf with the added benefit of an on-duty lifeguard. It’s a great choice for families with children who want to swim, but want the peace of mind that comes with having a professional lifeguard on hand.

Back Beach Angourie for Experienced Surfers: If you’re a seasoned surfer, then Back Beach Angourie may offer more of a challenge to you than Turners and Main Beach. Back Beach is located just south of Angourie Point. Weather will impact the waves here, making some days more exciting than others. Check the forecast before visiting.

Spooky Beach for Intermediate Level Surfers: Located north of Angourie Point, Spooky Beach offers a second option for surfers with some experience on the water. Brave beginners can also thrive here. Many families come to Spooky Beach to teach their children how to surf. The waves aren’t wild but are still strong enough to make for a thrilling ride.

Pippi Beach for Picturesque Surfing: Pippi Beach is favoured by surfers thanks to its breathtaking views. Visitors can enjoy picturesque coastal scenery along with some great waves. This is also the location of the annual summer surfing contest.

Angourie Point for Dedicated Surfers: Serious surfers must try Angourie Point. This area is the most popular place in Yamba for surfers. It’s one of only a few protected surfing reserves in Australia, and the waves are consistently strong, making it an ideal spot for seasoned wave riders.

If you are Planning this trip with your house please reach out to Konnekted as we may be able to chip in for camp grounds or turn it into a larger group event by adding more selected members. Alternatively use our facebook group to post event on wall or invite whoever you want.