Cougal Cascade rock pools

Head inland from Currumbin beach about 15 min to swim in cold rock pools or a bit of cliff diving.

Jet Ski the islands in Morten Bay

Brisbane’s own Alcatraz at st Helena prison, beautiful horseshoe bay at peel island, lunch at north Stradbroke island.

Spring brook national park

Hikes, waterfalls, swimming, cafes, lakes, caves even miniature horses and cows….lol. There’s a heap to do here.

Kayak to Peel Island

Hidden gem just off the coast this is a sweet day out! Or a chilled weekend away.

Fingal day trip

Chill as little beach town just south of gold coast.

North Stradbroke Island

For the weekend or a day its an easy escape right next to brisbane

Jet Ski the Brisbane river.

Launch at west end and head in land watching the city morph into a country river system.