Frequently asked questions

How to get Konnekted

Step 1 Reach out to us: 

Simply hit join us tab and enter a few details. This will start the process, we will then be in touch with suitable properties available for you. We ask for your social media purely to match you with likeminded individuals. Once your part of the community you will be glad we did.  

Step 2 Meet up:

Come check out the house and meet the current crew. Our anchor tenant will be in touch with regards to what time suits best for you.

Step 3 Application: 

Great, so you love the place! The current Konnekted crew want you to join in, now we just need to verify your income and previous rental history. Your anchor tenant will send you the application. Don’t worry by this stage we have already confirmed we want you but just need to verify you haven’t done anything bad in the past. 

step 4 Move in:

Moving in is a breeze as we have the place set up and ready to go from day 1. All you will need to bring is your own sheets and blankets. We even offer to come pick up your belongings and move them if you need. 

Finally we will issue you with a login code for the free hire of all the equipment. Use this access for great weekends aways or a day out with housemates. This membership also allows you to reserve your place in any upcoming events. Be sure to check out the annual 10 day overseas trip, where we take 4 houses away at a time for an unforgettable holiday!!!!


Getting Started

All we require are two weeks rent in advance and $800 refundable bond paid to konnekted for use of equipment. 

We look for great people! Some of the quality attributes we look for are honesty, outgoing, independent, professional, healthy, happy and considerate types. 

We prefer to have people who are already employed. We understand that sometimes the house comes before the job when moving to a new area. If this is the case all we need is your previous employers phone number to verify your ability to gain employment. 

This does depend on the property and how much you have. Our homes are fully furnished and its untidy for the other tenants to store large pieces around the home. On the plus side you can sell it online and buy some more if you need it later. Speak with your anchor tenant more about this at the viewing.

The majority of our members are professionals of a similar age. Most members come to Konnekted because we can offer a lot more than your usual sharehouse. We also have a large portion of members who have relocated for employment reasons and are looking to meet new people.  


We like to believe that as member of our group you would not need a set of rules.

That being said all residents will be expected to agree to a common set of house rules. These rules are design specifically for harmony in your home and neighbourhood.

We want you to have fun and enjoy your time with housemates but understandably we don’t have tolerance for things like: damage to the property, noise complaints from neighbours, any forms of abuse, racism, drug use or theft.

At Konnekted we believe strongly in prevention is the best cure. Therefore we only try to match like minded people to your home. From time to time there may be issues arise and we believe they should always be discussed and resolved. Sometimes the issue cannot be resolved with your anchor tenant or needs to be reported. If so please use the contact us button and we will reach out to help. 

The anchor tenant will arrange a time to have you over in person,via skype or facetime. You will often hear back from us within 24hrs to see how it all went.

Creating great connections is what we are all about. To do that we need to assess the information you give us using the join us link. After taking into consideration your lifestyle and personality we will send you a link with potential properties and current members. We understand how busy everybody is so if your not able to make a viewing you can still chat via phone/facetime and check out each members bio. Each member will still need to be screened by the konnekted team. 

Currently we are are working on expanding throughout all major cities in Australia but this is a process. If you apply through the join us tab we can be in touch as soon as we have something coming up near you.

All residents have their own spacious bedroom in the house. If you need some alone time you can easily find it there. 

Smoking is not allowed in the home. 

Members and guest must not to engage in any illegal drug related activity, Konnekted may terminate the agreement if resident or guest engage in such activities. 

Konnekted from time to time may need to view the house for inspections and occasionally the homeowner may want to inspect their investment. In such cases we will send you appropriate notification in line with state regulations. Konnekted will have a cleaner attend to the common areas on a weekly basis to ensure you always have a great place. 

We like to create a comfortable environment for everyone in the home. After the meet and greet Konnekted reviews the applicant and completes a background check. We strongly encourage all house members to be part of the process.

Konnekted helps fill the room via referrals and interested candidates. You and the current house resident’s will assist to decide who moves in but they must be approved by Konnekted. 

Of course you’re more than welcome to bring friends around for dinner, events or just to hang out. Konnekted encourages a social environment But keep in mind if there is an issue with someone you bring to the house you as the resident will be responsible for their actions. If your friends intrude on other members use of the home or make them uncomfortable you may be asked to meet up with them elsewhere. 

Konnekted homes are regulated by local state and council maximum capacity laws therefore we can not except couples in our homes. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is more than welcome to come stay but the same rules apply as any other guest.  

You may terminate your lease early with 30 days notice and you will be responsible for finding a replacement. Current housemates and Konnekted must still approve the new housemate. They do not have to take on your lease dates. 

Although we love pets, there are only a few selected homes that we can offer as pet friendly. If you put your pets info on the application form we will let you know the options. 

Utilities and bills

Bills are split between all the housemates. 

Each house has its own way of dealing with this, we recommend to most of our anchor tenants that all shared items are paid for from one communal bank account. 

In short the best available for the area. We understand internet is important for work and entertainment as such we always pay for the fastest unlimited contract available. 

Yes we cover all the landscaping and lawn mowing to keep your home looking at its best year round. 


Konnekted will work with our handyman and qualified tradespeople to repair or replace any items in the home that do not work as intended. 

We require all tenants to notify us as soon as an issue arrises to stop further potential damage. 

As a member of the Konnekted community, we’re committed to providing you with an outstanding housing experience. Part of this includes, but is not limited to, the provision of the following furnishings and services for our residents and Konnekted homes:

Weekly house cleaning,garden and lawn care, timely response and resolution of maintenance requests, high-speed unlimited internet, common area and room furnishings – varied on a home-by-home basis at the discretion of Konnekted, all home utilities, items and services that ensure the safety and security of each home and our residents, and any other furnishing or service determined necessary by Konnekted.

As a resident the following items will part of your responsibility: installation and removal of any personal items, plumbing issues arising due to misuse, changing out lightbulbs after the first 30 days, disposal of large item of trash beyond the weekly collection, any damage caused to the property and furnishings outside normal wear and tear.   


Konnekted takes payment via direct debit only. 

Bond will be paid directly to Konnekted 

After final inspection is completed by Konnekted and forms are submitted it usually takes 10 working days. 


No. We are leasing the property directly from you similar to how a traditional tenant would. we pay you and cover the full cost of rent.

Konnekted Pty Ltd is the company that will be on the lease. Similar to a traditional lease so there is no need to worry about turnover or future vacancies. 

Konnekted tenants are a group of the most qualified tenants you could find. We’re bringing together professionals through a variety of channels. 

Our members love being part of the social network that we provide. We rarely see large turnover due to the amount of extra service offered. Tenants will find that its time to move occasionally due to employment relocation or moving in with partners. As a whole we see a very small turn around. 

A great part of teaming with Konnekted is we are able to lease properties that meet our criteria right away. With the constant demand to join our network of residents, we’re willing to take on your property this week. 

We at Konnekted Pty Ltd have a lease directly with you the homeowner and therefore take on the cost of all vacancies. 

This is worked out on a case by case basis as each home is different. In most cases minor redecorating will come at a cost to us. Larger renovations would be discussed in more detail with homeowners due to the amount of variable factors. 

Yes. We encourage homeowners to have the property revalued immediately after Konnekted has finished improvements, redecorating and styled your home in modern furnishings.   

Konnekteds free hire of toys

Yes. We want you to use our recreational product as much as you please. We believe friendships with housemates are best shared getting out and doing something fun.

Easy just  1:Click free hire shop  2:Select your gear and dates  3: Enter your login  We will then send you an email confirmation with all the relevant details.

Yes you are fully covered for both ours and third parties property.However in the case of a claim there is a $500 excess fee. 

We don’t want you to spend your time worrying about if something goes wrong. We understand that from time to time things break and accidents happen. Unless there is negligence or reckless behaviour on your behalf then don’t stress we got you covered.

We do need to know if there is an issue with any equipment so we don’t rent it out to one one of our other members broken.  

When you move into a property we will send you information regarding the closest pickup up and drop off points .

Fraser Island is a great trip away and loads of fun. This can be a difficult trip and a real adventure at times. We would prefer the drivers have some beach driving experience as it can be dangerous. So yes but don’t attempt this if your not confident. 

Yes you do need to carry a current personal watercraft license use the jet skis. The good news is these are obtained easily for $150-$200 per course and takes a few hours. Ask our team for more info. 

No you can drive the bus and 11 of your other members for a trip with just a valid car licence. We do advise strongly that you are a confident driver before you get behind the wheel with eleven of your friends in the vehicle.

This is unfortunate but don’t give up just yet. Hit the contact us button and explain what you want. we may be able to come up with a solution for your trip. You would be surprised what we can make happen.    

Unfortunately these product are for members only and as such can not be used or lent to members out side of Konnekted. 


Yes all of our events will be free to all Konnekted members. There will be times when you may want to bring a plus one or two, these will be at a cost unless otherwise stated. You may be asked to contribute towards your bali trip if your new to konnekted. 

Easy just create you event on facebook and invite them from our members list.

Let us know via contact us immediately this place may be able to taken by another member.  

First check the face book group or mutual friends search. Chances are they with in the same circles. If this fails we can send them your info. We can not give you any personal information from other members. 

Good stuff ! This is easy drop us a line with the details and we can post it in our feed and send out relevant invites. 

Yes we can help fund the event if it majority Konnekted members and in excahnge for social media content. Hit the contact us for more info.

Sure this is fine but if your using our equipment we need to prioritise this for paying members. 

This should not be an issue just let us know about your trip and dates. We will see what means of transport solutions are available, possible hire a bus from third party or the use of cars. 

Leading up to the anual trip in February  we will have discussions and make the options available to vote for all members. 

When the final organising is being done we will take into account availability and group dynamics to fore fill all members request where posible.

This may be possible at a minor fee. We will often be looking for help with other groups where you can stay on or start early for free as well.