The last tenant you will ever need

Konnekted will rent your property today.

We are able to begin leasing properties that meet our criteria immediately. We typically look for homes that are located in premier neighbourhoods with at least three bedrooms.

Konnekted currently operates in south east Queensland with expansion interstate around the corner.  We work with landlords and property managers to ensure a hassle free investment. We’re here to help landlords and property managers to increase rental revenue, reduce vacancy costs, and eliminate hassle.

Eliminate risk

Forget about future vacancies or rental arrears. With Konnected we offer zero vacancies and automatic rental payments on time every week.

Redecorate at our cost

With our in house interior designer and handy man we will go about redecorating your property in stylish but neutral tones immediately if needed.

Lower maintenance

Konnekted provides in house maintenance and garden care at no cost to you.Our handiman is ready to go and the first $200 of any job is on us.

Rent smarter with Konnekted

No turnover or vacancies

As Konnekted rents your property direct we can guarantee 0% vacancies and no turnover.

Reliable revenue

We guarantee your full rental revenue over a longer term for more predictability.


Yearly rental increases

We increase rents yearly in line with CPI so you can watch your investment become more profitable with no effort.

Mess free

Konnekted provides weekly cleaning services to ensure your house is regularly checked on and has the highest upkeep.

Quality Tenants

We work hard to screen our tenants and ensure our community of young professionals grows.

Happy property managers

Konnekted is the first stop for mitigating any resident concerns and we schedule regular housecleaning to put our residents and your property in good hands.

Included garden care

We pride ourselves on keeping your property in its best presentable condition. Part of this includes regular garden maintenance by qualified landscapers.

Outstanding maintenance

We need your property in its best condition at all times. Our in house handyman will repair any minor issues at our cost. Up to the value of $200.

We redecorate

If your property needs some work our qualified tradespeople and interior designer will get on the job immediately at our cost. 

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