House Maintenance

Most maintenance issues take less than 20 minutes to fix, are easy to do and won’t cost you anything. If you are ready to give some basic DIY a crack, Konnekted will provide the tools and guidance you need to get the job done. Here’s the reasons why:

Faster Fixes

The average maintenance ticket takes 2 weeks from open to close. This includes assessing the problem, scheduling trades people and completing the job. Scheduling trades and hanging around for them to show up is pain in the ass. If it's a 5 minute job like a dripping tap, you’ll save more time by just doing it yourself.

Learn A Skill

Two thirds of Aussies own their own place. It might seem a way off yet but when you buy a house, having some basic maintenance skills will save you $1000’s. It’s actually kind of satisfying to resolve niggling issues. It’s like solving a puzzle.  Plus studies show you look 37% sexier wearing a tool belt. Look it up, it's science.

Love Where You Live

Adding some personal touches to your place makes it feel like home. Unlike regular rentals, Konnekted homes have a little more flexibility when it comes to settling in. If there is an improvement you would like to make just ask. More often than not the answer will be Yes! Some houses have installed kitchen islands for more space, painted rooms or built vegetable gardens. We may even be able to chip in a little to cover some of the cost.

The Cost Equation

The standard call out fee for a professional to complete a minor maintenance job is $170. One way or another this comes back around to the tenant. Either as a direct bill or in the form of higher rent. If we can keep the maintenance costs low, the rent can be too. By providing a tool library, spare parts, education and guidance to the community we can significantly reduce operating costs meaning there is more in the budget for all the fun stuff.