DIY Not your cup of tea? Lets find out a bit more about your issue.

For rental properties in Queensland maintenance and repair responsibilities are split between tenant and landlord. Here is a general breakdown of who is responsible for what: 

Your house is responsible for maintenance/repairs to:

  • Blocked drains from hair, grease etc. 

  • Lightbulbs.

  • Internet issues (Head tenants must contact the telco provider) .

  • Pests and insects (excluding termites)

  • Mold due to allowing steam build up or not cleaning sufficiently.

  • All yard and garden maintenance.

  • Broken windows, doors, cupboards, hinges, handles etc.

Konnekted is responsible for maintenance/repairs to: 

  • Any electrical problems

  • Leaking taps/toilets.

  • Any structural issues

  • Maintenance due to reasonable wear and tear. 

  • Replacing/repairing whitegoods and TVs. 


If the maintenance/damage responsibility is yours you have two options. You can either fix it yourself or call in the pros.  We’ve also put together a great list of resources to help guide you to a home grown solution. It’s your call. 

If its structural or electrical problems you must contact us and we will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.